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Time and location

24. mars 2022 kl. 10:30:00

Haukelandsbakken 31, 5009 Bergen, Norway

On March 24 11:30 - 13:00, Eitri is hosting four speakers who will reveal different perspectives for solving global challenges.

Hear how thought leaders take different approaches to make a global impact:

Trond Riiber Knutsen invests in businesses to deliver positive impact and solve the world’s greatest challenges. What does it take to become a global unicorn?

Themina Mustafa is targeting one of the major health challanges - Tubercolosis. Having created a rapid diagosis test - what is needed to get the product to the patients?

Trond Klæbo is just getting started - using technology to bring the effective psychological treatment to people all over the world. How will they scale?

Erlend Waaler from StartupLab works with previous founders to fund next startups. What are they looking for, and what is the value of working with previous founders?    

About the event

Go global

Hear how investments, research and entrepreneurs make the world better

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