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Time and location

22. februar 2022 kl. 10:30:00

Haukelandsbakken 31, 5009 Bergen, Norway

Tuesday 22.02. we will have two particularly exciting visits here at Eitri – Biomedicine master students from 10:00-11:30, and Healthcare committee (Helse og Omsorgs komitee) from the Norwegian parliament in the afternoon 15:15-16:00. Between and during the two visits, we welcome you to work from Eitri and last but not least, will also serve lunch at 11:30. A perfect excuse to come out to Eitri for a day!

The Biomedicine students are eager to learn about Eitri tenants, and we would like to invite you to meet them during a mingling in the kitchen area from 10:30-11:30.

Welcome to mingling and working from Eitri next Tuesday! Hope to see many of you here!

About the event

Just Eit 22.02.22

Work, meet exciting people and have lunch with us

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