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Time and location

8. september 2023 kl. 17:00:00

Eitri Medical Incubator, Haukelandsbakken, Bergen, Norway

The summer heat may be winding down, but we're just getting started!

Presenting: Returnolypics 2023!

In collaboration with Curie and Eureka, Eitri is hosting an unforgettable post-summer event that marries a party with the fun you need after returning from holiday!

What's on the Menu?

✨ Delicious Food and Drinks

✨ Breathtaking Atmosphere

✨ Games with a Twist – Think you know competitions? Think again! Expect a blend of wit, skill, and a sprinkle of innovation in every game.

It's more than just a party! It's where the brightest of Eitri come together with the wizards of Curie and Eureka to let loose, have fun, and maybe hatch the next big medical innovation! Who knows, a fun game today could lead to a groundbreaking project tomorrow.

Dress Code: Comfort with a dash of glitter!

About the event



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