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CanEat is made for you who need to know what is in the food you eat, whether because you have allergies, intolerances, celiac disease, diabetes or other illness.


25% of the population needs adapted food, either because they have food allergies, intolerances, diseases, religious or personal preferences. This is a large group of people who are little taken into account in the public and private space. This is not only a problem for those who need customized food, but also for those who are going to cook the food.


Caneat makes it easier find food you can eat combining the power of machine learning, mobile tech, and psychology with the empathy and knowledge from nutritionists.



Founding year


# Employees






Bergen, Norway

CEO: Cecilie Hauge Ågotnes, Partners: Design: Elisabet Kolbrun Hansen, Communication: Malene Fjærtoft, Legal: Kaja Goplen, Advisor: Thomas Ågotnes, Mentor: Sigrid Nedkvitne, Mentor: Jon Kåre Hansen


Idea and team: completed, Partnership: ongoing, Market research: pending, Development: Pending, Launch:


Mobile tech solution: Compile your list of allergens and ingredients that you can not eat. Share the list with friends, family or organizer, who can also merge multiple lists. Scan the barcodes on a food item, either in the store or at home in your own kitchen. The app tells you if food can be eaten or not either based on your own or shared food list.



Collaboration with University Hospital, and first mover advantage.

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