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Lifecare is dedicated to developing the next generation of miniaturized and implantable long-term sensors. We have a particular focus on diabetes and are dedicated towards helping the more than 500 million people living with diabetes. Lifecare AS is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo with ticker LIFE. Our headquarter is located in Bergen, Norway. Our research and development activities are performed in Mainz, Germany, and we have ongoing development projects with partners across Europe.


Changing lives through medical technology


Changing lives through medical technology
Lifecare develops miniaturized and implantable nanobiosensors for correct and continuous monitoring of glucose and other biomarkers.



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+47 400 59 040

Bergen, Norway

CEO Joacim Holter



The Sencell sensor technology provides real-time and accurate glucose readings straight to a smart device. By reading the osmotic pressure, Sencell is able to measure the glucose levels in the blood. Sencell is developing according to our targets and we plan additional pre-clinical trials in 2022.The Sencell sensor is invisible once it is injected under a person’s skin and is expected to last for a minimum of six months without calibration. The technology has a range of use cases and can be applied by medical professionals, people with diabetes and high-performance professionals such as professional athletes, firefighters, and soldiers.Lifecare NanoBioSensors develops and manufactures innovative nanostrain biosensors.
A nanobiosensor is an ultra-small device measuring pressure, temperature, force, or various other performance indicators in live tissue with high resolution.



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